100 Animals / Highland Hunter

Results 13th 100 Animals / HH  

Result are here

Official Beast of Tournament for 2019 is SABLE

Friday, 20th of September 2019
18:00 – 21:00 Arrival and registration, free time

Saturday, 21st of September 2019
08:00 Registration, practice.
10:00 Opening ceremony of 13th International 3D Archery Marathon
11:00 Start of Tournament 100 Animals / Highland Hunters
17:00 Competition course is closed
17:30 Entertainment
19:00 Awarding ceremony

Sunday, 22nd of September 2019
10:00 WA 3D (24 Targets) competition
Registration and competition fees on 20th and 21st of September at Jõulumäe

Please proceed with the registration on site www.estonianbowhunters.ee/100animals-highland-hunter.

During competitions each archer has to shoot 100 arrows. Maximum amount of arrows archer needs per target is 4.

Registration fee:

  • Adults – 35 EUR (until 18th of August in case of prepayment), starting from 19th of August 40 EUR; Juniors 20 EUR and cubs 10 EUR during all registration period. Registration period ends at 19th of September.
  • National team registration fee is 30 EUR.
    Please proceed with the registration fees: MTU MAGILASED (for Estonians MTÜ MÄGILASED), SWEDBANK, SWIFT / BIC: HABAEE2X, IBAN: EE872200221035094831. Registration fee includes competition fee, light lunch on shooting course and awarding ceremony.

During the competition on course is open kiosk.

For competition rules look at rules page.

The winners of XII Tournament in AFLB and AMLB classes have free of charge participation on XIII Tournament!

Address: Leina village, Häädemeeste parish, (former Tahkuranna), 86504 Pärnu county, Estonia, for accommodation reservations use code “100 Animals”   look www.joulumae.ee

In case of questions please contact: